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BUDEMRADIO - is where it all began.

For true lovers of electronic music. The format of the station identified as our mood music, the music is light and relaxing, exciting and calming, energetic and cheerful, it's the most beautiful, especially for a selected audience.



black coffee ambient

Black Coffee Ambient - it's a one way ticket ...

Black Coffee Ambient - an incredible journey into the world of endless possibilities in the world of your dreams. Late night music is now available whenever you wish.

Attention! You can not go back.



black coffee

Black Coffee - в эфире станции звучат лучшие треки в lounge, ambient и smooth jazz ритмах

Black Coffee - музыка для душевного общения, для релакса и даже для...
Утром пробуждает, ночью усыпляет - идеально подходит для круглосуточного плавания по волнам Black Coffee.




Radio Soulful House

It will not go unnoticed ... soulful music
We are presenting a new creation project Budemradio - Radio Soulful, only soulful house music. 24/7 in a single impulse, for those who understand.

Vocal, instrumental house for fashion events and mature people.



aqua channel

How water, harmonious and soothing, AQUA channel leads me to the goal, setting the rhythm of the movement - the movement of my life.
All living things can not do without water, it fills every cell as the music fills my existence on Earth.

AQUA channel - is designed to give meaning to life, the rhythm of life, direction ... and all in one mix from the creators of moods and rhythms - the musicians and DJs whose music is pouring out of your speakers.